Radiation Monitoring



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Bostelman Engineering (BE) staff have extensive experience related to radiation monitoring at commercial nuclear facilities. They have worked with various clients to replace obsolete noble gas, particulate and iodine monitors installed through the plant. They also have extensive experience performing setpoint and calibration calculations for various radiation monitors related to emergency action level thresholds, plant effluent discharges and leak before break monitoring. BE staff have also been called upon to address inoperability of radiation monitors in key locations to derive alternative monitoring means and methods. As part of these efforts they work with the utility to derive a source term to be used for sensitivity calculations, and to address monitor thresholds and response times. BE staff have evaluated radiation monitor setpoints related to changes in fuel cycle operations, i.e. power uprates or cycle extensions.

Areas of Focus

  • Containment Monitors
  • Effluent Monitors required to meet 10 CFR 20 requirements
  • General Area Monitors
  • Stack Monitors
  • Setpoint/Calibration Procedures/Calculations
  • Source Term Development for Detectors (evaluating plateout potentials in sample lines)
  • Replacement Support


  • Certified Health Physicist over 35 years experience in radiation protection and monitoring, former Manager of Emergency Planning and Radiation Protection
  • Design Engineering with over 35 years experience in source term development, and setpoint/calibration analyses

Code Experiences

  • MCNP*
  • MicroShield™
  • SCALE* 6.1 and 6.2

Previous Relevant Projects

Project: “Location 1” Analyses

Tasks Completed:

  • Drywell Air Monitor Replacement. Prepared calculations for new monitor setpoints, source term (plateout) and calibrations. This included evaluating impact of line pressure and temperature issues in order to meet vendor radiation monitor requirements.

Project: “Location 2” Analyses

Tasks Completed:

  • Calculate revised setpoints for replacement radiation monitors
  • Leak Before Break Monitoring with containment monitors. Developed setpoints for containment monitors to initiate based upon leak before break criterion RG 1.45. Drafted calibration procedures related to sensitivity for a 1 gpm reactor coolant leak. Evaluated various isotopes for source term generation sensitivity for detectors.

Project: “Location 3” Analyses

Tasks Completed:

  • Evaluate spent fuel pool, containment monitors in relationship to NEI 99-01 revision 6 emergency planning action level thresholds. Evaluate whether radiation monitors could provide the necessary information for deriving action level thresholds. Perform calculations to derive new setpoints for the thresholds.
  • Evaluate alternative methods for emergency level thresholds with containment monitors inoperable. This required evaluating alternate means to monitor potential releases inside containment.

Project: “Location 4” Analyses

Tasks Completed:

  • Evaluate radiation monitor setpoints for replacement components, and NRC review. Task required addressing NRC comments to client, and URI-RASCAL calculations.

*Denotes National Laboratory codes