Fuel Optimization

Bostelman Engineering staff are teamed with NRG of the Netherlands in the area of fuel cycle design optimization. Bostelman Engineering is a liaison between a utility and the NRG for fuel optimization design through the use of the computer code ROSA™. The fuel optimization process entails utilizing an annealing process for mathematical computations to derive a fuel design that fits utilities need for core cycle operation.

For fuel shuffling optimization in BWRs the NRG offers a code called SOSA™ to complete the process. Bostelman Engineering has worked with NRG in this area since 1997, and the efforts have produced considerable savings for utilities that have used these services.

Area of Focus

  • Interface with NRG for utility fuel design and shuffling optimization.
  • Realizing cost savings for fuel fabrication, and reduction in outage time.


  • Former Senior Engineer Core Physics Design
  • Liaison with NRG since 1997

Code Experiences

ROSA™: efficient in-core fuel management (reload optimization) – By applying NRG’s software tool ROSA™, savings of 1 percent of the fuel cost, or millions of euros can be achieved. With ROSA™, you determine the optimal loading pattern for a reactor, but ROSA™ also offers other advantages, such as improved safety margins, easily and quickly perform scoping studies and reduction of the necessary engineering time. ROSA™ calculates the power distribution of the core in 3D and any combination of more than sixty optimization parameters can be chosen to design the loading pattern. The more complex the problem, the better ROSA™ comes into its own. ROSA™ is very user friendly and has an intuitive user interface. A tool by and for reactor engineers.

SOSA™: efficient in-core fuel management (shuffle optimization) – Like ROSA™, SOSA™ is a special software tool developed by NRG. This tool focuses on shortening the reload time of the reactor core. By minimizing the movements of the refueling machine, the reload time can be shortened by as much as 6-8 hours. Moreover an optimal refueling plan helps lower the radiation dose to the staff. SOSA™ facilitates the design of the shuffle plan through its interactive and intuitive graphical user interface. Here the user can choose from a palette of options and parameters to take any practical situation into account in the design.

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