Dry Fuel Storage

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Bostelman Engineering staff have diverse actual utility experience in dry fuel storage regarding everything from fuel characterization, staging, radiation protection, review of vendor calculations, coordination of mobilization and at spent fuel pool loading. Our staff worked through two dry fuel storage loading campaigns at a PWR as lead reactor engineering in charge of operations and procedure development, as well as supported various vendor canister design reviews on behalf of utilities. Our staff is familiar with the 10 CFR 72 requirements for dry fuel storage and have supported license interfaces as well in dry fuel storage areas. We are familiar with various vendor canister designs, poison materials, and loading parameters. We have modeled/projected fuel decay heat to meet storage requirements.

Additionally our staff worked on the Yucca Mountain project for many years in the waste canister area related to design and materials modeling. The Yucca Mountain work required extensive coordination with national laboratories, and department of energy for assessing canister performance in various environmental conditions.

Areas of Focus

  • Fuel Characterization: includes planning and coordination of sipping campaigns, visual inspections, and documentation for characterization.
  • Decay Heat Predictions: modeling the various fuel batches for discharge to support canister loading patterns
  • Dose Modeling: modeling dose to public, and at various other necessary points during haul
  • Material evaluations of canister designs: corrosion and canister material modeling for various environmental conditions
  • Vendor interfaces: includes coordination of staging, pool work, transport carriers
  • Fuel Shuffling Patterns: deriving fuel shuffling patterns in pool to meet technical specification requirements for pool and canister loading


  • Former Reactor Engineer Dry Storage, in charge of all operations for 2 campaigns
  • Former DOE Technical Expert Waste Canister design
  • Former Radiation Protection Manager, in charge of RP related to fuel campaigns

Code Experiences

  • SCALE* v. 6.2
  • MCNP*
  • Shuffleworks™
  • Caskworks™

Previous Relevant Projects

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit** Dry Storage

  • Project Type: Review of Vendor Calculations for PWR Fuel Canister
  • Tasks Completed: Performed Owner Acceptance on behalf of client for Vendor calculations related to dose modeling using MCNP

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit** Dry Storage Campaigns (2)

  • Project Type: Complete Turnkey
  • Tasks Completed: Coordinated all operational activities related to dry fuel storage campaigns. Reviewed vendor calculations, ORIGEN-S, MCNP. Coordinated pool work, fuel characterizations, handling from pool to storage facility. Successful loading of canisters into independent spent fuel storage facility
  • Notes: Interfaced with NRC for 10 CFR 72 requirements

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit**

  • Project Type: Site Support and Design Preparation Review Yucca Mountain
  • Tasks Completed: Reviewed canister corrosion modeling, weld materials, fuel prediction models related to various geological and environmental storage conditions
  • Notes: Worked on site, and interfaced routinely with DOE, national laboratories, and canister vendors

*Denotes National Laboratory codes
**Further details can be provided by contacting us