Emergency Planning and Fukushima Beyond Design Basis Events


Bostelman Engineering staff have real plant experience in Emergency Planning and with Beyond Design Basis Events-Fukushima planning and equipment installation/support. Our staff personnel worked as staff augmentation to support a PWR in the area of Fukushima projects and strategies. This support work included being lead project engineers for emergency planning/staffing and communications, installation of spent fuel pool level instrumentation/qualifications, and reviewing calculations for FLEX strategies. The support work included being in charge of all Fukushima Seismic orders 2.1 and 2.3 (inspections, walkdowns, analyses and closeout). The plant seismic work resulted in utility being able to credit IPEEE previous assessments. The Fukushima project lead work included one on one interface with NRC audits and inspections.

Our staff also have extensive background emergency planning, and assisting utilities to transition to the NEI-99 revision 6 guidelines. We implemented this transition for several plants, performing Emergency Action Level threshold setpoints. This work included utilizing various radiological and emergency planning dose modeling codes such as URI-RASCAL, and Microshield™. As a result the stations have been successful with transition of EALs to the NEI-99 revision 6 guidance. Our staff has experience implementing the URI dose assessment program including software quality plans. Our staff also have background with participating in emergency drills from either the actual site applications or in supporting various state entities for auditing purposes.

Areas of Focus

  • Emergency Planning EAL Thresholds: Calculations and Procedure Updates
  • Emergency Drills: Audits and drafting of scenarios
  • Fukushima Communications: Lead Project Engineer for Satellite Equipment, and Staffing
  • Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation: Lead Project Engineer for vetting equipment and installing in spent fuel pool
  • Radiation Monitors upgrades
  • Shielding evaluations and analyses for EAL compensatory measures
  • Fukushima FLEX strategies: Performing calculations for equipment qualifications, temperature, pressure modeling in habitability considerations. Reviewing NSSS models for once through cooling, and other FLEX strategies. Reviewing equipment staging and mobilization for various beyond design basis event scenarios.


  • Former Supervisor reactor performance, project lead Fukushima Seismic Order 2.1 and 2.3, and Spent Fuel Pool Order requirements.
  • Former Reactor Engineer
  • Former Manager Emergency Planning and Radiation Protection
  • Our staff members are either professional engineers or certified health physicist

Previous Relevant Projects

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit* Staff Augmentation

Tasks Completed: All Bostelman Engineering personnel were associated with supporting Fukushima standing orders closeout. Key personnel were tasked as Lead Project Engineers, which required all interfacing with vendors, site staff, and included in this work was auditing various equipment vendors at site on behalf of client.

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit* Calculations

Tasks Completed: Generate radiological calculations for radiation monitor setpoints relevant for the NEI Revision 6 EAL threshold methodology change. Generated calculations for containment monitors, and spent fuel pool.

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit* Calculations

Tasks Completed: Assisted with URI-RASCAL calculations and interfaced with NRC related to code development and methods.

Project: Commercial Nuclear Unit* Calculation and Implementation

Tasks Completed: Implementation and transition to NEI Revision 6 EAL thresholds for EP.

Project: Emergency Drills

Tasks Completed: Supporting various state entities with emergency drill participation.

*Further details can be provided by contacting us